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Pretty Broken: Transformimg Scars To Beauty Marks

Compiled by Natima Sheree

This anthology is a compilation in celebration of women's voices. It is a collection of compelling stories intended to inspire and empower women from all walks of life. This book is the work of the Diamond Writers (A Words Matter Co. Company), and each writer is as unique and authentic as her distinctive work and narrative. By way of media, popular culture influences, and cultivates the mindset that "if you look good, your life is great!"

Our values have been diluted by this mentality and the behavior and habits it prompts, that we often are not honest about the challenges we face or the burdens we carry. We have mastered hiding our pain in a selfie, and only posting or sharing what makes us look good and happy, even when we're hurting. This has to stop!

Through our transparent and candid stories of failure, disappointment, heartbreak, and betrayal, we want women to be reminded that regardless of how "attractive" your or someone else's life may seem, no one is exempt from hardship. We want you to be reminded that you can take those negative experiences and develop something beautiful.

Pretty Broken Paperback

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