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Title: Beneath The Crown: Her Story. Her Voice. Her Power

Chapter: Listen With Your Heart

Author: Jazzy Kash


Summary: Listen With Your Heart takes on a persuasive writing approach to the topic of feminity in male dominated industries. Jazzy Kash challenged societal norms to encourage young women to pursue big dreams despite lifes obstacles and lessons. When we take ownership of our feminine powers and learn to create ease within our lifestyles, we can accomplish our truest desires. By working as a team player and leader, rather than a boss or tyrant, women can utilize strategic planning along with intuition to lead effectively. Learn more about breaking glass ceilings, awakening feminine energy, and how to become a powerful woman in America.


Release Date: April 2022


Real stories from real women who have learned to keep their heads up and crowns on despite life's challenges, and opposition. These are their transparent accounts of loss, tragedy, and failure that led to a transformative shadow work, character building and self mastery.


It is the hope of the Diamond Writers that after reading this anthology you will:


  • Experience your own "mirror facing moment," prompting a deeper understanding of self
  • View your setbacks as a part of the process and learning opportunities
  • Prioritize self-care and self compassion that will lead to your complete healing
  • Develop a confidence and appreciation for who you are
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness
  • Use your voice, assert your power and share your story to inspire others.



The Diamond Writers are a women's writing collective, a sisterhood, and non-competitive safe space for the creative works of writers, authors and literary influencers. To learn more about the Diamond Writers, visit

Beneath The Crown Paperback

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