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Are you ready to take charge of your life and utilize all the skills, talents, and achievements that you have earned thus far? Starting a business from your home is an easy way to eleviate tax debt and earning deductions on your taxes. That means more untaxed income for your home and lifestyle. When you start a business from your home, you are able to keep overhead costs down by allowing a fraction of your home to be used solely for business purposes. 


In this Home Business: User Guide you will gain information that will allow you to skip the guess work, and take action on your goals immediately after reading this e-book. Within these 10 pages, you will learn the basics of starting a home business and the tools and resources necessary to be successful from day one.


This book includes: 

Tips for Choosing a Catchy Business Name

Tips for Choosing a Business Logo

How to Purchase Your Domain Name

How to Polish Your Online Image

How to Get a FREE Business Number

How to Create Business Cards

How to Promote on Social Media

Which Social Media Platforms to Choose

How to Measure Metrics for Marketing


You will finish this book with tons of information about Starting a Home Business that will allow you to finance your lifestyle and put money back in your pockets!


Home Business: User Guide

$5.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price


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