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Women Of Worth (WOW) For October 2022

Every woman who is making an impact and making an active daily decision to get up and work for everything that they want in life. As a woman, we are taught that we have the choice of whether we want a soft life or a hard life. We can decide to marry for money or marry for love and either way you will be judged and ridiculed. How do you fight through negative stereotypes and continue to show up for yourself even when society tells you that you shouldn't want so much from life.

As a WOW, you have to make the choice to make an impact, not only for yourself but to the young women who are currently looking up to you. As a WOW, you may not know but there are people who are inspired simply for you existing and holding your head high. This week, we want to celebrate every WOW who is making an impact in their local communities, in their careers, and in their families. Breaking generational curses, doesn't come easy, it comes from a WOW and her tribe of supporters helping to apply the pressure needs to make a change in the world and create the beauty that we all need more of.

This week, we want to recognize the mothers of adoptive children, step children, foster children and any child who is not biologically related but family by love. As a WOW, we have an abundance of all that is needed to spread love. We understand that we are a valuable asset to anything that we are a part of and deserve to smell our flowers while we still can. Being the person that people can rely on in a cold world, someone who continues to spread happiness and joy especiallly to the people who need it most, makes you more than just human, it makes you superhuman. Every WOW who has opened up their heart to another person's child and accept them as their own is more than a woman, she's a super woman.

Every WOW should read this article and take this time to pat herself on her back and smell her flowers. This role is not always easy, but we have been chosen by God and we have to accept the responsibilities placed on us. We get the pleasure to love a person as our own, and expand out family of loved ones, by sharing your heart with the people who need you most. If you know a WOW that needs to hear this message, share this article with them.

If you are a WOW who is need of a strategy that will help you break generational curses, build generational wealth, and leave a legacy that your family will thank you for one day. Set your next generation up for success with a solid business plan and a business development strategy. We can help you start and grow a business, as well as get the attention that will lead to more sales and an increased brand awareness and likeability. Book a strategy session today and ask us about our past clients.

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