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New Year, New Mindset

To start the new year, its time to get rid of outdated beliefs that are no longer serving the new you! It's already the end of January but that doesn't mean that you can't still make a drastic change this year with proper planning and the a winner's mindset. When you set a deadline on your goals, you will create the pressure that's needed to tackle your goals. Sure, you will have to practice patience because as we all know, Rome was not built in a day! Regardless of the date, I urge you to shift your perspective in regards to making drastic changes no matter what time you start your new year. Keep in mind that you will always have 365 days from the day you start to level up! Remember, that everyday that you work towards making small changes you are becoming a newer and better version of yourself.

If you are having some trouble with staying consistent about creating the new habits, it will help to change the behaviors that represent your best life and that will make up your new daily routine. For some people, routines and monotony are not ideal, however there must be some kind of structure or discipline to grow or change your circumstances. Your routine doesn't have to look like anyone else's, it just has to suit you and your lifestyle. In the new year, I challenge to shift your mindset and remember that small steps add up to huge breakthroughs! Every step you take towards a better life, and each new level will teach you a lesson that will help you become more like the person that you will need to become to reach your personal and professional goals.

The best way to shift your mindset is to start by understanding the power of your mind and the tons of information that it has to subconsciously manage daily. Our brains are constantly creating and recreating its information to retain and release anything that no longer has a purpose. The process of learning something new takes practice and experience in order to store recollect the knowledge it intakes daily. That being said, in order to free space for your brain to store something new, you will need to release something outdated. In our 28-Day Accountability Challenge we urge you to make this necessary mindset shift by firstly acknowledging what it is that you need to get rid of. Taking accountability for the decisions you have made and committing to making the necessary sacrifices may make you feel uncomfortable at first. Whenever you become uncomfortable, and acknowledge the need to take action, this is the first step of your transformation. With change there is growth but it will require you to be confident about stepping outside of your comfort zone and live life pass your imagination.

Our dreams can suffocate us when we lack the courage to go after them with a solid plan and clarity of visions. I urge to spark the courage that you undoubtedly have within you, and to take a leap of faith and walk boldly into the unknown. Until you take this first step with a brand new mindset, you will continue to reap the same rewards and failures as last year. By taking ownership of your strengths and weaknesses and committing to mastering what works and improving what can use extra attention, you will start attracting your best life. Notice that you are not truly living when you are holding on to things that have already passed their expiration date. When people or things stop growing, they begin to wither away and ultimately die. What is worst then making it the end of the finish line and not ever having truly lived your life to the fullest potential. If today was your last day to do whatever you always wanted to do, how much better would you feel knowing you took action rather than letting life pass you by without ever even making the effort? Small steps should be celebrated because even if its only one step in the right direction!

Speak to a coach today to learn more about how to shift your mindset in order to see your goals as a collection of small steps rather than a giant leap, you will see each day as an opportunity to create a beautiful story. Book a coaching session today to create an actionable plan that will require you to be consistent and focused with the big picture in mind. Eventually, all the pieces to your puzzle will align and the big picture will get clearer with every new success! Keep going and never give up and you will make your dreams a reality!

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