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Building A Beauty Empire In The City with Tynee Bratton

It's no secret that the ladies of the Washington, DC area love to get dressed up, get their hair/nails done, and look cute on any given day for no particular reason besides to look and feel good. We're not one to blame them for recognizing the importance of investing in self care and doing what makes them feel good. All of this makes for a great opportunity for beauty professionals who are working harder to learn new techniques, in a world where the standards of beauty are always evolving and advancing just like technology.

With this influx of desire for beauty & self care, there has been a demand for beauty professionals to learn new high value skills that set them apart from the rest. We had the opportunity to sit down with Tynee Bratton, Hair Stylist & CEO of Beauty & The Heir LLC in Washington DC. Tynee Bratton, who has proven to be committed to learning how to better herself and her business, sat down with me and shared some of the more painful parts that come with being a passionate hairstylist that you may not know. Read how the pressure drives Tynee to build her brand from the ground up with faith in God and a love for the craft.

KASH: When did you decide that you wanted to go into business for yourself? What prompted you to make this change?

TB: I decided to go into business for myself when I enrolled in Johnson C Smith University in August of 2008, as a political science major, before becoming a mom in 2013. With the help of my late grandmother who solely raised me, allowed me to do hair out of her house as a teenager as she operated her business as a "Candy Lady". I didn’t want to bother her with expenses so I decided to start my hair business. I posted flyers all around campus, and it was always one of my passions (other than wanting to become a lawyer).

KASH: How did you ultimately make the decision to become an entrepreneur or creative?

TB: I made this decision to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to make a profit out of something that I love doing. I get to make people smile and transform into the true queen that they are!

KASH: What has been the most rewarding part about doing what you do?

TB: The smiles on my clients face after I slay their hair "The Pretty Way!"

KASH: What has been your most impactful life changing moment thus far?

TB: Obtaining my degree while my twins were 4 months old. I did not let my obstacles deter me from graduating.

KASH: What is some self care advice that you can give another female entrepreneur?

TB: Plan your days accordingly, believe in yourself and don’t take any "wooden nickels" as my grandma should say.

KASH: Who or what motivates and inspires you to keep going?

TB: My twins and my grandmother, Alice Battle rest her soul. She raised me off of Candy Lady money and showed me what a entrepreneur looked like at the young age of two.

We were so happy to talk to Tynee Bratton and learn more about what drives her to build her legacy in the Washington DC area and be an example to young women who are passionate about the industry and may fear there is no space for them to shine. Let Tynee be the example that anything is possible if you stay focused, humble, and have the smallest urge to go after your dreams, you never know how far it will take you!

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