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Balancing The Scales

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the demands of being an adult? There are so many responsibilities to balance on a daily basis and at times it can feel like you aren't able to maintain a healthy medium. If you are reading this article, then this message is for you! When you know better, you can do better! In order to create a fully functioning yet diverse lifestyle you will need to learn to prioritize time and money management. You will find that by diversifying your time, you will feel more accomplished than by focusing solely on one area of your life. By making time for the most important aspects of your life, you are making a clear message that you understand that each piece of the puzzle is important and success can only be reached with a balanced life.

How do you maintain balance in your personal life?

Each of us have a personal and a professional aspect to our life. There are personal passions as well as professional goals. Finding a healthy balance between the things that bring you happiness and freedom are the keys to being successful in life. Your personal life includes the aspect of self-care, meaning your health, physical fitness, mental health, etc. In order to maintain balance in your personal life, I recommend starting everyday with a plan for how you will fit time for personal care & wellness into your daily routine. You will feel refreshed and energized to take care of your other responsibilities when you start with self.

When you make time for the people in your life that support, uplift, and nurture you are ways to express gratitude and reciprocity. Including your family, friends, and loved ones into you routines will remind you of your passions and what is most important, outside of your own personal wellbeing. Family could mean your children, siblings, or parents, sometimes friends are as close as family so its important to understand the individual roles of these relationships. Diversifying where you pour into and who pours into you will help to be there for the people who are consistently there for you.

Many people will make excuses for having an inactive romantic life due to the demands of being an adult, but the truth is they aren't maintaining the healthy balance in their life to truly appreciate a romantic relationship. Having a partner in life or a marriage doesn't mean that your life ends. A truly healthy and productive romantic relationship will have you working out, saving money, and building a strong stable foundation that will last through obstacles and enrich your overall life. It is when people devote too much time and energy into one aspect of their lives is when things start to go awry and imbalance results in things falling apart. Maintaining a balance even in your romantic relationships will help them last longer, offer personal fulfillment, and give you an opportunity to express love and build your dream life with the help of someone you love and cherish.

How do you maintain a healthy professional life?

Outside of your personal responsibilities, as an adult we all have to fulfill our purpose and be able to gain the rewards of our service to sustain our livelihoods. The only way to create a healthy balance in your professional life there must be a clear distinction in your reasoning behind the service that you offer. If you find that you have to force yourself to do something that doesn't fulfill your passion, then maybe its worth considering if this aspect is necessary in your life. If your goal is to in your career field, you can do so by furthering your education or utilizing your professional skills to grow a business from the ground up. No matter your path you decide to take, you will have to understand that by forcing things to work, you are not contributing to the equilibrium that your life so desperately craves.

You have to keep the bigger picture in mind when you are deciding what matters to you. What causes and social influences speaks directly to your heart and makes you want to take action to help. This is your urge to create a balance within you acts of service and charity work. Everyday you have an opportunity to pay it forward to contribute to our humanly desire to be of service to feel fulfilled as an adult. By looking out for others, you remain humble in your journey, understanding the basic philosophy that "to whom much is given, much will be required". You will gain a greater sense of purpose by being an active part of the bigger picture that as a collective we all make up a greater cause to show our responsibility tp humanity. Be the reason why someone doesn't give up on society, and be one of the few good people left on Earth.

Our community is made up of a variety of different types of people, beliefs, systems, traditions, etc. However when we mix it all together, there is a distinct similiarity to all of the flavors that make up humanity. One of the unspoken areas of our life is the aspect of community and the overall importance that it takes to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations as an adult. Are you trying your best to be a good person and contributing to empower your community. Are you a member of the LGBTQI community or a participant in Socially Activist groups? These are sub-communities that speak most to your beliefs and lifestyles that contribute to the mixing pot that is called humanity. We all play a dynamic role in creating the sweet flavor that God created for us to enjoy the beauty of creation.

In order to understand your individual responsibility to maintain balance in your own life, you will realize that by balancing the scales of life, you are creating your own version of peace on Earth within yourself and to all the people who you are in relation to. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so make sure you are actively keeping all your cups fulfilled and in abundance.

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