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Atleast Enough by Jazzy Kash

If its money you're looking for, no worries, its there.

If you knew the things it's touched, you wouldn't dare.

Would you dare worship what is so minuscule in value.

Never lose focus on your abilities and stay strong through trials..

Knowing well that you're capable and what you can achieve.

Its simple, you are capable of accomplishing ANYTHING.

But it seems money was made to steal the scene.

Because nothing you did to make it was worth what you got.

See, nowadays people place the importance on how much you bought.

It's not impressive, your flashy appearance, when you're lacking peace.

Your love for money, was what left you feeling incomplete.

You were searching for something to fill that empty piece.

Truth is, the money is there, you just need AT-LEAST...

At-least enough to feed.

At-least enough to support your dreams.

At-least enough to positively think.

At-least enough to get you by.

At-least enough to see.

That ALL these things are FREE!!

You do need At least a lot of LOVE for YOU,

To Overpower your love for the Paper & Ink.

Poem By Jazzy KASH

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