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30 Amazing Secrets to Waking Up Flawless

Naturally, around this time of the year, we want to more rest than often. Vacations, holidays, cold weather, or busier work schedules are all reasons why we can become sleep deprived. That is why, I want to share 30 SECRETS to waking up, and falling asleep beautiful EVERYDAY! You don't have to be a PRO at first, but working through the new year, try to incorporate these tips into your Daily Beauty Routine.

  1. Go to bed on time consistently.

  2. Soak up natural light during the day

  3. Remove makeup before bed, even if with a makeup remover wipe.

  4. Short exercise routine daily.

  5. Eat more magnesium (seeds, nuts, dark greens, beans, molasses, etc)

  6. Don't pull hair too tight.

  7. Use silk pillows.

  8. Avoid caffeine after 12pm.

  9. Don't eat sugar before bed.

  10. Take a hot bath.

  11. Try to go to bed before Midnight, for the best possible rest.

  12. Drink a cup of chamomile tea or valerian tea.

  13. Or warm, milk and honey before bed.

  14. Dim the lights when you begin bedtime routine

  15. Use lavender, in a pillow case on bed or in bath.

  16. Request a massage from a loved one.

  17. Black out your bedroom.

  18. Keep your feet warm (wear socks).

  19. Keep your bedroom cool, under 68 degrees (if possible)

  20. Write your to-do list for the next day before turning out the light

  21. Do Not Focus On ONE Thing, let your thoughts free when you hit the pillow.

  22. Do not check phone when bedtime routine begins*

  23. Don't forget to brush teeth/floss"

  24. Switch pillows once a week, preferably silk pillows

  25. Let hair loose when sleeping (try a bonnet or wrapping hair loosely with bobby pins)

  26. Use a hand/cuticle lotion before bed on hands & feet

  27. Turn the brightness down on phone when falling asleep and waking up

  28. Use cold tea bags on eyes to minimize puffiness

  29. Drink water

  30. SMILE!!!

Sure, it can be hard to break some of these habits and form new habits, but you have to. Its not worth tossing and turning, being irritable, having bacteria on your face, breaking hair lines, rough hands, bad breath, increased stress, uneven skin tones, high blood pressure, and this is not to scare you! If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms! You need Sleeping Beauty 101!

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