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10 Secrets Every Fashionista Must Know

A true fashionista knows that in order to break necks, you must break the rules, in fact, you must quickly learn that in the world of fashion, there aren't any rules. If there were any trends, style icon wouldn't know because she sets them! However, there are 10 secrets that she helps any fashionista dress to kill everyday! 1. She knows how to edit. (She only buys what she likes and looks good on her) 2. Invest in "the bones". (The classics) Trench coat, little black dress, and builds from there 3. Buy with drama. (She goes for the over-the-top signature piece. If she falls in love, it goes home! 4. Has the utmost importance on shoes. (You can never have too many!) 5. The Power of Accessories. (Done just the right way.)

6. A good tailor 7. How Not to be the Fashion Victim. (Never buy into trends and never carry the "it" bag) 8. It is not about the money. (She wears her flea market earrings the same way she wears diamonds) 9. How to Mix It Up!! 10. How to be imperfect. (Understand that everyday is not a photo-shoot)

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