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Lead Generation Specialist

United States

Job Type


About the Role

Our Lead Generation Specialists are knowledgeable about ways to improve our clients overall experience. We have made it very simple for our clients to continue their relationship with us via several communication channels, such as email, text messaging, social media, and phone. We expect our Lead Generation Specialists to guide the customer through the sales pipeline and to ensure that we build strong relationships with our customers and prospects. We will train our Lead Generation Specialists to think of innovative ways to establish strategic partnerships with companies and organizations that we work with to provide services and communicate with our marketing team. Our lead generation specialists represent KASH ICONS with integrity and act as a liaison with the marketing team and clients and recommend digital marketing solutions. It is the role of the Lead Generation Specialists to ensure that we are diligent about knowing the clients needs to find new ways to present our products and packages. Lead Generation Specialists will work closely with the marketing and sales teams to provide information and present solutions.


1-2 Years of Sales/Marketing Experience

Knowledge of Social Media Platforms

Experience with Canva, Photoshop, Video Editing

HS Diploma Required

Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite

Bachelor’s Degree (Optional)

Reliable High-Speed Internet Connection

Quiet Space for Work From Home

Flexible Work Schedule

About the Company

KASH ICONS is a full-service marketing agency representing various brands. We specialize in positioning brands in front of consumers to provide products and services. We believe that success begins with your quality of life, so we are proud to service our clients with a variety of options to choose from. We provide marketing services in hopes to increase our clients sales and recognition. Our goal is to present brands with innovative marketing strategies that drive sales and traffic via digital channels. We take pride in our customer service skills and ability to retain customers, and aim to represent our brand partners in the same light.

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