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Internship Program

United States

Job Type


About the Role

This program is a sales/marketing internship to teach students the fundamentals of starting a business. Interns will be assigned administrative tasks and have the ability to be promoted after 90 days to a sales or marketing position if they meet the minimum requirements after a 90-day probationary period.


Must be a high school or college student to apply

About the Company

KASH ICONS is a full-service marketing agency representing various brands. We specialize in positioning brands in front of consumers to provide life enhancing products and services. We believe that success begins with your quality of life, so we are proud to service our clients with a variety of options to choose from. In addition to our sales team, we also provide marketing services to our clients in hopes to increase sales and present brands to the public through various methods of marketing and sales. We take pride in our customer service skills and ability to retain customers, and aim to represent our brand partners in the same light. Our brand consulting services are always available and we are always seeking to partner with more brands.

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